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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our returning students and a very warm welcome to new students!

We are excited to be back at school for the 2021-22 school year.  This year will see many things return to normal, with certain precautions in place that are outlined in the EIPS Operations Guidelines 2021-22 and the EIPS FAQs: School Operations 2021-22.

On Monday, August 30 you will be able to access your Parent Portal to see which class your child will be in.

On the first day of school (September 1), students will line up at their doors (map of doors) where their teacher will be waiting for them at 8:25 am. Teachers will escort their class into the school to start the first day of activities.

Meet the Teacher

We are looking forward to welcoming you into the school for our Meet the Teacher night on Thursday, September 9 at 6:00 pm. Please be aware that you and your child will need to be masked for this event.

Bell Schedules

Below are the Division 1 (Grades 1-3) and Division 2 (Grades 4-6) regular school day schedules.

Division 1 Schedule   Division 2 Schedule
Warning Bell 8:32   Warning Bell 8:32
PERIOD 1 8:40 PERIOD 1 8:40
PERIOD 2 9:12 PERIOD 2 9:12
PERIOD 3 9:44 RECESS 9:44-9:59
RECESS 10:16-10:31 PERIOD 3 9:59
PERIOD 4 10:31 PERIOD 4 10:31
PERIOD 5 11:03 PERIOD 5 11:03
RECESS 11:35-11:55 LUNCH 11:35-11:55
LUNCH 11:55-12:18 RECESS 11:55-12:18
PERIOD 6 12:18 PERIOD 6 12:18
PERIOD 7 12:50 PERIOD 7 12:50
PERIOD 8 1:22 RECESS 1:22-1:37
RECESS 1:54-2:09 PERIOD 8 1:37
PERIOD 9 2:09 PERIOD 9 2:09
PERIOD 10 2:41 PERIOD 10 2:41

Kindergarten teachers will provide their daily timetable to parents.


Division 1 and Division 2 students have different recess times due to the increased enrolment at DCE.  During recess, students will cohort by grade, which means that students will be able to play with everyone at their grade level.  This reduces playground incidents and injuries, keeping students safer as they play.


Lunch hour supervisors supervise students while they eat and when they have lunch recess. Division 1 students have recess first and then come in to eat, while Division 2 students eat and then have recess.

We are in need of noon-hour supervisors.  This is a paid position for 1 hour per day. If you are interested in becoming a noon supervisor, please call Christa Gawron (secretary) at (780)467-5557.


All volunteers, visitors and parents will sign in at the office on the iPad provided.  You will be asked for your name, phone number, email address, and reason for your visit.  In addition, you will need to check that you have completed the COVID checklist and reviewed the visitor protocols.

Write-on Stationery

If you ordered Write-on Stationery for your child, it will be in their classroom on the first day of school.

How to Use the Drop Off Zone

Here is a quick video to remind returning parents and to let new parents know how to use the Drop off Zone.  Please watch to the end.

Student/Parent Handbook

Please review the Student/Parent Handbook with your children before the first day of school.

Pictures by Pixabay

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