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Mustang Memo - June 14, 2024

Time to connect!

A personal highlight for this week was our ongoing Pokémon tournament. It was such a treat to watch our students battle it out at lunch to see who will be the ultimate DCE Pokémon Battle Champion!

We are so impressed with the strategy and sportsmanship being displayed by our Grade 3 competitors. They are getting really good at using strategy!

Did you know that playing the Pokémon card game requires students to do math? That's right! They have to calculate how many points of damage an attack can do while taking into account weaknesses (damage is doubled - multiplication!) or resistance (damage is halved - division!). They have to use subtraction track their Pokémon's health (I have 110 hit points and that attack took away 60 hit points, how much health does my Pokémon have left?)

They also have to practice reading skills as attacks can have different effects and special cards can allow you to heal your Pokémon, search your deck for different kinds of cards, or use special abilities during play.

Students also have to learn about how to be a good sport. Like in any competition, you will win some games and lose others. How to do both with grace is an important life skill!

Congratulations to all of our competitors! We will find out who won first, second and third place on Monday!

All 22 participants in our Pokémon Tournament will win a small prize for playing and our top three players win special prizes! Thank you to the fine folks at Georges II in Sherwood Park for giving us $100 off of the prizes! We appreciate the support of this local business in making great things happen at DCE!

Have a great weekend!

Helene Hewitt & Jay Robertson

Principal & Assistant Principal

You belong here!

Table of Contents

Week At a Glance


  • Davidson Creek School Council Annual General Meeting and Elections
  • Wish Day 
  • Mustang Mention Prize Assembly


  • Counsellor's Corner
  • Summer Sizzler is Coming
  • Coyote Kids


  • Grade 5 Museum
  • Planning for Success
  • Parents Make the Difference


  • Mustang Spirit Day - wear your Mustang swag today!
  • Mustang Mentions Prize Assembly @ 2:14 p.m.
  • K, Gr. 3-6 Snow Cone day 
  • Lunch Clubs:
    • Cute Things Club - Grade 6
    • Pokémon Tournament - Final Battle for 1st place!
  • Wish Day - Dress up as favourite Disney Character
  • Telus World of Science field trip (Gr. 4)
  • K-2 Snow Cone Day
  • Lunch clubs:
    • Cute Things Club - Grade 6
  • Kindergarten to Grade 2 Track and Field Day
  • Grade 6 PAT Social Studies (9 a.m.)
  • Lunch clubs:
    • Cute Things Club - Grade 6
  • Grade 6 PAT Science (9 a.m.)
  • Swimming lessons (Breen/Ennis/Clark/Drechsel/Siminick/Gillis)
  • Pick-up school supplies
  • Lunch clubs:
    • Cute Things Club - Grade 6
  • School Council & DCFS AGM 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
  • Bannock Day (hot lunch snack orders)
  • Grade 3 Assembly for Indigenous Peoples' Day (two assemblies in a.m.)
  • Meet Your Teacher event (in the afternoon)
  • Lunch clubs:
    • Cute Things Club - Grade 6 final day!
    • Karaoke Club
  • Summer Sizzler!


Davidson Creek School Council Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections

We are hosting our school council and fundraising society AGMs on Tuesday, June 20 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the library We will be holding our annual elections during these meetings.  

Here are the documents for both meetings:

We'd love to see you there!

Wish Day

Our leadership students have planned a great event to promote active citizenship and kindness for the community. They will be selling snow cones for $1 with all of the proceeds going to the Make a Wish Foundation. Students will be invited to buy a snow cone on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the grade level. With such kind students raising money for a worthy cause, we know that someone's wishes will come true!

Mustang Mention Prize Assembly

On Monday, we have our first ever prize assembly to celebrate all of our students who did a great job of demonstrating our school expectations:

  • Be kind
  • Be safe
  • Be respectful
  • Be your best self

Throughout the year, when students won Mustang Mentions their names were automatically entered into our end of the year prize draw! Thanks to the generosity of our parent community and local businesses, we have numerous prizes that we will draw during a short afternoon assembly.

Congrats to all of our Mustangs for being great people!


Counsellor's Corner

Learning how to identify and maintain interpersonal boundaries is one of the most vital skills children need to develop on their journey to adulthood. Talking to your children about communicating their own boundaries and how to respect the boundaries of others is a critical aspect of supporting their ability to build healthy relationships.

“As [kids] get older, and social interaction gets more complex, it’s not enough to just learn the rules. They need to learn to set boundaries for themselves and respect those of others. And that takes being able to recognize what others want and need — and express what they want and need, too.”

To learn more about teaching kids about boundaries we encourage you to check out this short article from Child Mind Institute. 

Ms. Bashaw and Ms. Mitchell

~ DCE School Counselling Team

Summer Sizzler is Coming!

Do you like food trucks? How about music? 

We have that and much more at our Summer Sizzler on June 21 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Come and connect with all of the DCE families at our popular Summer Sizzler event. You can eat yummy food and also visit the balloon artist, the face painter or dance to the tunes of our DJ! You can also have your picture taken at the photobooth!

Bring a lawn chair or two and enjoy the evening! 

Coyote Kids

Coyote Kids is a weekly Indigenous culture program for Indigenous children or children of Indigenous ancestry aged 6 to 12 years.  The program is based on traditional teachings, beliefs, values and spirituality of the lndigenous people of the Plains.

If you are interested in registering or learning more visit the Coyote Kids website.


Grade 5 Museum

Kudos to our Grade 5 students on their incredible Famous Canadian museum. They impressed us with great research projects on Canadians who had an impact on our country. From Oscar Peterson to Emily Carr, we learned about soldiers, politicians, artists, and activists who shaped Canada into the place we call home. Well done to all Grade 5 students!

Planning for Success

We know that transitions can be tricky! The unknown of a new school year can create anxiety for students who worry about who is in their class next year as well as who they have as a teacher. We are firm believers that providing early information and opportunities for connection is helpful to prepare students for the upcoming school year.

On June 21, students in kindergarten to grade 5 will be experience our first ever Meet Your New Teacher event. Students will have a chance to visit their new classroom and meet next year's teacher and classmates. They will all take home a postcard from next year's teacher so that parents will also know who they met that day. Next year's teacher will also be included in the report card. New teachers who are joining our team next year, will be there for this meet and greet day!

We know that learning this information early can be really helpful in support students with transition. We also know that it can also invite conversations about switching classrooms. As shared in the Memo on May 15 and May 24 as well as in our May school council meeting, we are not accepting requests for classroom placements or switches from one class to another due to the complexity in creating balanced classes that maximize available supports in the school. 

We hope this experience will support students in the transition to a new school year!

Parents Make the Difference

While transitioning from the school year to the summer months can be fun and exciting, it can also create some anxiety for children and families. Here's a short video giving some tips to parents on making the summer months successful for everyone in the family:


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