Principal's Message

Welcome to the home of the mustangs!

Did you know that there are 600 different breeds of horses in the world? Tall, short, brawny and speedy, each breed of horse has it's own beauty and place in our world. 

Much like our horse mascot, Davidson Creek is home to over 600 children who each bring their unique talents, gifts, and quirks to this community. As the leaders of this mustang herd, it our goal to value and nurture each student so that they can use their individual strengths to accomplish their dreams. 

I've read that in some Cree communities, horses represent freedom. As one of the leaders of the Davidson Creek Elementary family, I invite you to partner with our team to gift our students with the knowledge, skills and wellness they need to be truly free in their futures.

Together we can make our school a place where we belong!

Mrs. Helene Hewitt