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Davidson Creek Elementary is a new school within Elk Island Public Schools that opened September 2018.


Davidson Creek Elementary offers many opportunities for students to learn in and out of the classroom including a robust music program, daily physical education activities, and a focus on healthy lifestyles. We are proud to promote environmental stewardship through  alternate modes of transportation such as walking or biking to school. 

Students have access to variety of extracurricular activities during the lunch hour such Cute Things Club, Daebak Dance Club, Games Club, Intramurals, Makerspace, DCTV and other activities sponsored by staff volunteers. These are opportunities for students to follow their passions and practice their leadership skills.


Davidson Creek Elementary serves over 600 students from the local neighbourhood in Sherwood Park.


Helene Hewitt



Trina Boymook


Jay Robertson, Assistant Principal

Madison Bashaw, Counsellor

Kelley Mitchell, Counsellor

Christa Gawron, Business Manager

April Pratch, Registrar


A Place Where We Belong


Davidson Creek Elementary is a safe and caring community that welcomes and accepts you for who you are. It is our purpose to support and encourage you to grow and be the best version of yourself.


Davidson Creek Elementary is an inclusive community where a strong character is nurtured, learning is exciting, meaningful, and where all aspire to reach their dreams.


All members of the Davidson Creek family work closely together to ensure each child experiences growth and success. We believe that it is a shared responsibility to foster a strong work ethic, to model respect and to embrace hope. At our school, we believe the best about each other. We work hard, play hard and take care of each other.


We believe that every child can experience success and achieve high levels of satisfaction as human beings. We value each student and the unique qualities that make them an important part of our community. We learn best when we work as a cohesive team and leverage each other's strengths.

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Supply Lists


Programs and Services

We provide regular programming for students in Kindergarten through Grade 6.

Principal's Message

Welcome to the home of the mustangs!

Did you know that there are 600 different breeds of horses in the world? Tall, short, brawny and elegant, each breed of horse has its own beauty and place in our world.

Much like our mustang mascot, Davidson Creek is home to over 600 children who each bring their unique talents, gifts, and quirks to this community. As the leaders of this community, it's our role to nurture each student and to see them for their individual strengths and gifts. We keep them safely in our herd so that they can grow into the incredible, successful people they are going to become.

I've read that in some Cree communities, horses represent freedom. As one of the leaders of the Davidson Creek Elementary family, I invite you to partner with the staff to equip our students with the knowledge, skill and mental fortitude needed so that they can experience their own freedom to prosper!

Together we can truly make our school a place where we belong!

Helene Hewitt