Library Learning Commons

Welcome to the Davidson Creek Library Learning Commons

Hello and welcome to the Davidson Creek Elementary Library Learning Commons! I am so excited to be sharing a love of reading, learning and discovery in this beautiful new space.

Students, I would love to hear what you have been reading, as well as what some of your favourite books are. If you need any suggestions of what to read next, I can also share with you some of my favourite titles or you can click here to see a list of some of my favourites. For some more suggestions, visit Strathcona County Library's website.

Did you know you can look for library books on the Destiny website? You can even rate and review books, as well as find links to fun websites. 

Mrs. Eng

Usborne Book Fair

Davidson Creek Elementary is hosting an Usborne Publishing Book Fair on Monday, June 24th (from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM) and Tuesday, June 25th (from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM).

Stop by get some amazing summer reading material or check out the numerous activity books that you can bring along camping, on road trips, plane rides or use for long days at home throughout the break! When you purchase books you also support our school.

Students get a book mark with purchase and parents can put their names in the draw for a summer prize pack!

Summer Reading!

Students, keep up your reading skills over the summer!! Here are some ideas to keep you reading during July and August:

  1. Take books with you on trips and vacations.
  2. Visit the Strathcona County Library.
  3. Sign up for a ME Library Card so that you can borrow from other Alberta libraries while you're traveling. You can borrow a book from one library and return it at another library. Click here to see a list of participating libraries.
  4. Start reading a book series so that you'll have multiple books to read.

Scholastic's website also provides some challenges you can try to meet when you read and suggestions of places to read:

If you don't know what to read next, here are some suggestions:

I hope you have an excellent summer. When I see you all in the Fall, I would love to hear all about the books you read over the summer and about what challenges you met!

Mrs. Eng

Online Resources

Instead of wading through thousands of Google search results, why not try the Online Reference Centre (ORC). The ORC provides digital resources that support Alberta's K-12 learning. To access the ORC, please ask Mrs. Eng for the username and password.

You may also want to try the following online resources for research:

If you do use Goggle to search for information, it is a good idea to evaluate your search results. To do this, you can read the Five W's of Web Site Evaluation. Listed below is a summary of the website:

  • WHO wrote the pages and what are their credentials?
  • WHAT is the purpose of the site adn is this stated clearly?
  • WHEN was the site created? When was it last updated?
  • WHERE does the information come from?
  • WHY is this page better than other sites?