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2023-24 Year End Mustang Memo

Check out the Year-End Review!

Dear Mustang Families,

The last day of school is finally here!

It has been an incredible year of learning for everyone at Davidson Creek Elementary. 

The students continued to learn to read, write, apply math skills and learn about important topics in various subjects such as social studies, science, physical education, wellness and fine arts.

Aside from learning curricular content, our students also spent a year learning about how to be incredible human beings. They practiced being kind, safe and respectful all year! 

Looking back over the year, I'm reminded of our collective purpose, set out by our school community. Our mission was as follows:

As a safe and caring community that welcomes and accepts you for who you are, our purpose is to support and encourage you to grow and be the best version of yourself.

How did we do? 

When I walk into classrooms, across the playgrounds and down the hallways I see students being kind and caring. Our students are passionate about all kinds of things and we see them highly invested in activities such as intramurals and one of the many extra-curricular clubs available at the school. We regularly see examples of kindness, safety, respect and kids being their best selves!

What do the numbers say? This year we gave out 1071 Mustang Mentions throughout the year and gave out 140 prizes at the final assembly!

Want to learn more about the great things that happened at our school?

Read our one page DCE Year End Review 2023-24.

Better yet, read the DCE School Council Chair's Annual Report! Both of these documents show that great things happen when parents work closely in partnership with the school.

Before you head off on a great holiday, remember to save the date on August 28 for our Meet the Staff evening from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. This is a great time to see the classroom, find your child's entrance doors and meet the team for the 2024-25 school year!

Don't forget to check your child's report card which not only celebrates Term 3 learning but also indicates the name of next year's teacher - in case you misplaced the postcard sent home last week!

Although our office is closed for the summer, you will see our friendly faces on August 22 when our office opens again. If you need support before then you can contact our central services front desk at 780-464-3477.

On behalf of all of the Davidson Creek Elementary staff, we hope that you enjoy a wonderful and refreshing summer break!

Helene Hewitt and Jay Robertson

Davidson Creek Principal and Assistant Principal

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